Four Bedroom House For Rent
Blawenburg, NJ

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Charming 4 Bedroom House -  Below are photos of the house and the area near the house. For more details on this antique house, see Blawenburg Four Bedroom House.

This house was built in the 1800s and has very low ceilings which results in lower heating costs.  However, a 6 foot person must duck to walk between the dining room and the kitchen or the dining room and the living room. Thus, if you are near six feet tall or so, it is very unlikely that you would find this house to your liking.

Tenant pays electric, propane gas for cooking and oil for heat. Landlord mows the lawn. Past tenant has reported that electric bills (which include the hot water heater) has been running around $200/month. Oil for heating is about $900 per year. Cooking gas cost about $30 for the year. Basic Internet is about $70/month. Of course, most of these can vary significantly depending on your habits.

WasherDryer view from Kitchen Door
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